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          Priority: Normal
            Bug ID: 6719
          Assignee: triage-desktop at lists.rosalab.ru
           Summary: [UPDATE REQUEST] quagga
        QA Contact: triage-desktop at lists.rosalab.ru
          Severity: normal
    Classification: ROSA Desktop
                OS: Linux
       RPM Package: quagga
          Reporter: zombie_ryushu at yahoo.com
          Hardware: All
            Status: CONFIRMED
           Version: unspecified
         Component: -Enter Bugs Here-
           Product: Desktop Bugs

Quagga Routing services is out of date and should be updated.

his release announcement contains a list of user-visible changes, known issues,
and an update to the PGP key - please click Read More below to read the entire

Major user-visible changes:

    [pimd] New daemon: pimd provides IPv4 PIM-SSM multicast routing.
    [bgpd] New feature: "next-hop-self all" to override nexthop on iBGP route
reflector setups.
    [bgpd] route-maps have a new action "set ipv6 next-hop peer-address"
    [bgpd] route-maps have a new action "set as-path prepend last-as"
    [bgpd] Update validity checking (particularly MP-BGP / IPv6 routes) was
touched up significantly. Please report possible bugs.
    [ripd] New feature: RIP for IPv4 now supports equal-cost multipath (ECMP)
    [zebra] Multicast RIB support has been extended. It still is IPv4 only.
    [zebra] "no link-detect" is now printed in configurations since it won't be
the default anymore soon. To retain current behaviour, re-save your
configuration after updating to 0.99.24.

Distributor-visible changes:

    --enable-pimd is added to enable pimd. It is considered experimental,
though unless the distribution target is embedded systems with little flash,
there is no reason to not include it in packages.
    --disable-ipv6 no longer exists as an option. It's 2015, your C library
really needs to have IPv6 support by now.
    --disable-netlink no longer exists as an option. It didn't work anyway.
    --disable-solaris no longer exists as an option. It only controlled some
init scripts.
    --enable-isisd is now the default.
    mrlg.cgi is no longer included (it was severely outdated). It can be found
independently at http://mrlg.op-sec.us/
    build on Linux with the musl C library should now work

Known issues:

        isisd is in "beta" state. Please supervise closely and report bugs.
        special care is needed on non-Linux platforms due to OS-specific raw
packet access backends that did not receive much testing.
        ospf6d is in "beta" state.
        area support is broken/nonexistent

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